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You've got questions? We've got answers!


Don't see the question you had in mind here? Feel free to submit your questions to us at .


1. Where are you located?

Located at 8010 W. Colonial Drive, Ste #130 Orlando, FL 32818. In the Walmart/Sam's Club shopping center and next to DEFY Gravity. We can be accessed the 408 or 429.

2. Where can I find the schedule of classes?

Our class schedule can viewed by accessing the "Sign up for Classes & Workshops Here" button located on the homepage of this website or by clicking here . You will be redirected to our Wellness Living app. 

3. When is the schedule of classes posted for sign ups?

The schedule for the upcoming month is posted on the 18th of each month. The variety of classes change with each month so you want to be sure to be on the lookout for new and fun filled classes.

4. What is the "Waitlist"?

If you see a class that says "waitlist", it simply means that particular class is full at the moment. BUT, don't be discouraged. Joining the waitlist means that when a spot becomes available, you will be notified by email and added to class. Be sure to check your email, website or app and we'll see you soon!

5. Is this a Co-Ed facility?

Although we love foxes in all shapes, sizes and genders; we are an adult women only fitness studio. We do however offer private sessions and private parties for everyone.

6. I purchased a Groupon voucher. How do I redeem it?

Yay! Thanks for purchasing our Groupon deal. You can sign up for your classes by using the link on your Groupon or go to . Once prompted for payment, choose any of the options listed and then select "pay in person/pay later" . This will allow you to proceed with your class sign up without making an online payment. Be sure to bring your Groupon voucher in on your phone when you arrive.


7. What do I wear to class?

We are more than just a "Pole Dance Studio". Because we offer a full variety of classes from fun cardio, dance, strength, conditioning, yoga, aerial and pole; regular workout gear works great for classes! Be sure to wear a supportive athletic shoe for cardio and strength classes.


8. What do I wear for pole fitness classes?

Fitted shorts and a shirt works just fine! NO lotions or oils on the hands or legs is highly recommended. Oils and lotions cause you and the pole to be very slippery, preventing you to stay on the pole. It is recommended for all pole students/participants to purchase non-slip "grip" for your safety. Product can be purchased at the studio at your time of arrival for class.


Most pole classes are taught in bare feet.  Heels and/or leg warmers are used on occasion, so having a pair on hand just in case is a great idea! Foxy Fitness Studio sells pole shoes! Be sure to order yours! 


9. Should I lose weight before taking classes?

NO WAY! Our classes are for all ladies! We all come in different shapes, sizes and curves! Foxy classes are for all fitness levels.


10. When can I start seeing results on the scale?

Immediately! Starting or increasing a workout plan is a great beginning to seeing a change. Partnering a great workout and making healthier eating habits is the best way to see results fast! Our classes are designed to not only  burn crazy calories but will also help you build muscle which destroys fat! Concentrate on how you feel and how your clothes fit. The scale will come down naturally.

11. Do you offer private lessons or 1 on 1 sessions?

Absolutely! We offer private lessons and sessions at great rates. Our fitness coaches and instructors are here to help keep you on track and get you in the best shape! You can call us or come in to book your private session.

12. How old do I have to be to take classes?

All participants must be 18 years of age and sign an electronic liability waiver to participate in any classes.

13. Do you provide daycare services?

Although we love our Kits, we do not offer or have daycare services. Being that we are an adult all ladies fitness facility and due to strict liability policies,  children are prohibited from being in the studio.


14. How much can a pole hold?

There is no particular limit. Don't worry our poles can handle you with no problem. To add to the safety of our members and guests, our poles are bolted and welded to metal framework.

15. Studio Rules and Policies.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled class (if you are more than 5 minutes late to class, your class may be given to a member on the waitlist)

  • Cancel classes that you cannot attend as a courtesy to other students on standby or wait-listed

  • No Show or Missed classes/workshops will not be refunded

  • Follow instructors instructions on workout routines

  • Wipe/Clean off equipment after use

  • Wear appropriate fitness attire, including footwear

  • NO PHONE CALLS DURING CLASS (Please take phone calls outside so that classes are not interrupted)

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