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The staff of trained FOXY instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and are ready

to help you reach your goal!

We are here for YOU!

Temika K., Fitness Coach, Instructor & Owner

Foxy Fitness Studio. Owner-Temika Kindred aka Mistress of Pain

Temika is all about loving your curves, feeling sexy and being fierce in the skin you're in!! As with most women, Temika has struggled with her weight most of her life. Several years ago, while walking on a treadmill with a friend, she thought, there has to better way to lose weight than just going to the "gym"! She started taking pole and some other alternative fitness classes at a local studio; where her life was forever changed! She lost over 70lbs, found a new love for fitness and wants to be an inspiration to other women! Classes with Temika are non-traditional, challenging and a blast! Her background in fitness and conditioning spreads over a decade! She will not only have you feeling great but you will become stronger, leaner and more physically fit in no time! Come on in and take a class with Temika. You'll have a fun time, a great workout and get a FOXY body!

Princess Jae'., Instructor, Manager


Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Jaé (also known as Princess J) has always had a love of music and the arts. Her interest in fitness and dance led her to Foxy Fitness Studio and Pole in Orlando, where she regularly hosts classes and twerk workshops. She has performed alongside a stellar cast in a consistently sold out show at the Orlando Fringe Festival, with her list of performances growing monthly. Princess Jaé also teaches chair dance classes and various styles of pole classes at Foxy Fitness Studio, with her favorite being exotic style. Jaé recently won a Bronze medal in the 2018 and brought home the 1st place medal in the Pole Sport Organization Southeast Championship competition for 2021 and 2022!

Nikita H., Instructor

Nikita Instructor Pic.jpg

Nikita is a Chicago native who grew up with a passion for dance at an early age. She has taught many types of dance in her career including hip-hop, lyrical,  jazz, tap, alternative but has now found a soft spot in her heart for Zumba. WHY?  The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party! Join a class and you'll see what she means. You don't even have to know how to dance, Just move your body and follow the leader. There is no right or wrong, just feel the music and party the calories away. Nikita has lost over 60lbs without stepping foot in a traditional old boring gym, and is on a mission to dance everyone into a better body!  Join a class, you wont regret it!

Stephanie V., Instructor

With well over 10 years of self-practice, I believe yoga is a lifelong personal practice. I am RYT-200 hour, Vinyasa Flow certified, at Inspirit Yoga School. I admire the freedom of Vinyasa Flow Classes. While teaching with a playful, yet calm attitude, I want to help my students feel comfortable and empowered in their own practice. Because of my passion for learning and
teaching, you'll find that my classes include pleasant, yet comfortable modifications for any body type. I believe yoga brings a nurturing experience to the mind, body and soul. I've been inspired through yoga to live more mindfully on and off the mat. Yoga has helped me to grow and move past my own limitations, which in turn guide me to understand and have a deeper connection with my students. With my bachelors in Psychology and self-experience, I seek and pursue to inspire others to find self-acceptance and greater emotional balance. Off the mat, you will find me dancing, reading a book, at the beach, traveling, and exploring new cultures, cuisines and/or spending time with my family and dog. ~Namaste

Nakura, Instructor


She loves captivating her audience with hypnotizing performances and is noted for her beautiful lines & fluidity on the pole/floor. Her choreography styles vary from hype boss energy to slinky seductress! She has danced around Central Florida teaching in studios, performing in showcases & even dancing on WWE!

Nakura aims to inspire students to train smart and trust themselves when flowing through dance. Her teaching style is focused on breaking down movements and using techniques to help students flow seamlessly like water. 

She is a natural teacher and brings all the good vibes to class! Whether it’s conditioning, choreography, tricks or floorwork, she is ready to help students level up to become the best they can be. Nakura recently won a Gold medal in the 2022 in the Pole Sport Organization Competition and continues to showcase her talent at Pole Con International as well.

Instagram: @nakurared 

Emmy, Instructor


Emmy found Foxy Fitness when she moved to Orlando over 4 years ago. The welcoming & encouraging vibe made her fall in love with Foxy! What Emmy loves most about pole is that it combines all aspects - flexibility, creativity, strength, and rhythm - into 1 beautiful art. Her favorite style of pole is dynamic choreography to hip hop music. She prides herself on her technicality with teaching and making sure every student is warmly welcomed! Emmy has taken the stage in the 2022 Pole Con International in Atlanta and has won a Bronze metal in the 2022 Pole Sport Organization Competition.

Courtney, Instructor

Courtney-Instructor Pic.jpeg

Courtney has been in the gymnastics, dance, and aerial community for many years and is proficient on multiple apparatuses. She has booked with Cirque Du Soleil's Luzia and worked with many Disney actors and performers.

She enjoys teaching just as much as performing and is a general enthusiast of arts of all kinds.

Farley Lynn, Instructor

Farley Lynn -Instructor Photo.jpg

Farley Lynn is an entrepreneur, performer, writer, and self-described hedonist based in Orlando, Florida.
She has been pole dancing for 9 years, teaching for 18 years, and performing for over 20 years.  
Farley is the founder of @HomePoleStudios, purveyor of the world's favorite floating pole dance floor and the best on-demand stagecraft courses for pole dancers.  She is also the 2022 Miss Erotic World.
Her instructional expertise includes pole basics & flow, stagecraft & show creation, sensual & erotic movement, as well as handstands & grounded inversions.
Farley is excited to be part of the Foxy Fitness team and to add another helping of that "special something" to your dance & fitness life!  Let's move!!

Colleen F, Instructor

Colleen Instructor Photo.jpg

Colleen Falco is a lyra performer and instructor certified by CirqFit, and started her aerial career in Dallas in 2018.  She found her way to Lyra after being mesmerized by the aerialist she saw performing in Circus 1903.  She has been in the dance and performance space for over 20 years.  She's a competitive Irish dancer, ranking top ten in North America, and is a multiple world recaller.  She toured with the professional dance troupe, Rhythm in the Night: The Irish Dance Spectacular across the United States. Outside of her dance and aerial passions, she's also an artist and works as the COO of a PR firm based in Florida. 

Sophia B, Instructor

Sophia aka SophiBeans.jpg

Sophia has been pole dancing for over 10 years and has been teaching for 8 years with a focus on sultry freestyle, fun tricks, and twerking. She had no background in dance, gymnastics, or any type of performing and described herself as a "professional clumbsy person" when she timidly went to her first class but she fell in love with the art immediately and hopes to share that love with all of her students. 

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